Get to know our Verdejo wine cellar

Diez Siglos winery is a relatively young project, although it’s also one with extensive background. It was born in 2009 thanks interest from a group of people who love both wine and the land where they live, who have a clear desire to keep alive the ages-old legacy of one of Spain’s most exciting grape varieties: Verdejo. A group of 65 vine growers who know and love the land, and who, day by day, care for it and work to obtain grapes of incredible quality. Moreover, they’ve brought high-profile experts on board in order to produce high-quality wines, using winery controls and today’s most cutting-edge technology; wines that, over the course of their short lives, are already growing in importance and gaining recognition at both national and international level.


The winery is equipped with the most advanced winemaking technology to produce our wines. However, we always say that there is no reason why technology can’t go hand in hand with our respect for tradition. Inertised stainless steel vats with controlled temperatures where we produce over 3 million litres; fully automated bottling plant, logistics facilities, etc.

Thanks to this and our know-how we can boast of our Verdejo white wines and our famous Frizzante wines.

Bodega Diez Siglos - Verdejo Denominación de origen Rueda


One of the most magical moments, and one that we take the most care over, is when the grapes – our wines to be – come into the winery. We use the most high-tech equipment during all the stages: weighing, analysis, pressing, cooling, etc.

Bodega Diez Siglos - Verdejo Denominación de origen Rueda


At our plant we process over 3 million litres of wine using traditional production techniques and the most advanced equipment.


This is the most satisfying moment, where the work and dedication we’ve put in every day are ready to make their début as the finished product. It’s a very special time that we love most, when our customers can finally try our wines.

Bodega Diez Siglos - Verdejo Denominación de origen Rueda


Our visitors will be able to get an in-depth understanding of the composition and production of Diez Siglos wines through sensory trials offered by our expert winemakers.


The Rueda Designation of Origin (D.O. Rueda) benefits from natural resources that are very good for producing high-quality wines, and is an area that specialises in the production of white wines that have achieved broad international recognition. Work has been done for several years to recognise and protect the indigenous grape variety Verdejo.Diez Siglos belongs to the Rueda Designation of Origin and meets the regulatory board’s quality requirements as regards the control of vineyard planting, control of yields by plots, harvest control (health, origin and variety), wine yields from each winery, production and ageing methods and times, as well as the qualification of the wines that are going to be bottled.

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