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Since 2009 betting on Quality Verdejo

The Diez Siglos winery is a relatively young project but with an extensive background. It was born in 2009 from the concern of a group of wine lovers and the land where they live and with a clear spirit of keeping alive the legacy of hundreds of years of one of the most exciting varieties in Spain, the Verdejo variety.

A group of 65 winegrowers who know and love the land, who pamper and work day after day to obtain grapes of incredible quality and who have managed to surround themselves with the best experts in order to achieve, with the most advanced cellar controls and technology of today, the production of high quality wines which, throughout their short existence, are having a high relevance and a great recognition both nationally and internationally.

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Verdejo is a variety we claim to be in love with, which is why we continue to experiment with its potential. On this occasion we have fermented the Verdejo in stainless steel, then in French oak barrels and later we put it in 16-litre glass containers called Damajuanas for oxidative ageing in the open air. It is a tribute to the wine made by our ancestors, a return to our origins and history.


The winery is equipped with the most advanced oenological technology for winemaking. We always say that technology is not at odds with our respect for tradition. Inertised, temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks where we make more than 3 million litres of wine. Fully automated bottling plant, logistics facilities, etc.

Thanks to this and to our know-how we can boast of our verdejo white wines and our famous frizzante wines.


One of the most magical moments that we take the greatest care of: the grapes, our future wines, enter the winery. The use of the highest technology is present at all stages: weighing, analysis, pressing, cooling, ...


Our plant processes more than 3 million litres of wine using traditional winemaking techniques with the most advanced equipment.


A moment of complete satisfaction, the daily work and dedication carried out for months is ready to see the light. It is a very special moment, what we want most, our customers can taste our wines.


Our visitors will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of the composition and production of Diez Siglos wines through sensory tests offered by our expert oenologists.

Verdejo wines with the quality of the D.O. Rueda

The Rueda Denomination of Origin has very favourable natural resources for the production of high quality wines, being an area specialised in the production of white wines, with wide international recognition. It has worked for several years for the recognition and protection of its autochthonous variety: the Verdejo.

Diez Siglos belongs to the Rueda Denomination of Origin and complies with the quality requirements of the regulatory council in terms of vineyard planting control, yield controls per plot, harvest control (health, origin and variety), wine yields of each winery, methods and times of elaboration and ageing as well as the qualification of the wines to be bottled.