Where the magic of the best verdejo is born

Love for the land we work on

We have always been winegrowers and there is not a day that goes by when we wake up and we do not have our land in our thoughts. We have grown up on it and we entrust our efforts and dedication to it. We love every inch of it and we take care of it as if it were our own children.

Kilometres of priceless vineyards

We have 380 hectares of vineyards located at an average altitude of 750 metres above sea level in the northern part of the Rueda D.O..

Climate and soil: Seasons are not very well defined, predominantly long, cold winters with large temperature changes between day and night. This gives the grapes perfect health and ripeness. Very hot summers. Poor, gravelly soil….

We have managed to gather a large number of plots in the area protected by the D.O. Rueda. This allows us to manage production in a more responsible and ecological way. We also ensure that we will have our own product from our own environment every year.

Vineyard work

The main tasks carried out in the vineyard begin with winter pruning followed by green pruning (removing the vegetative part of the plant to achieve a smaller number of bunches and higher quality). There is also continuous oxygenation of the soil by means of agricultural machinery and daily controls. The work in the field ends with the expected harvesting of the grapes at their optimum point of ripeness.


The work of a whole year, taking care of the land, caring for the grapes, all of which is expressed in a Verdejo wine with character, personality and the highest quality. We are very proud of it.

Night harvest

At Diez Siglos we take the utmost care of our raw material as it is the future of our wines. As part of this special care, we consider it important to harvest the grapes at night. In this way we ensure not only that we avoid possible oxidation of the must, but also that the temperature at which the grapes enter the winery is at its optimum.

The transfer from the vineyard to the winery is carried out as quickly as possible so that the grapes retain their characteristic properties intact. For this reason, most of our vineyards are located next to the winery to reduce these grape transfer times.

Manual harvesting

In many of our plots we continue to harvest by hand, as we have done all our lives, taking great care of the vines and their fruit. In this way we obtain the best verdejos, cared for right from the source.

Main grape varieties

Among the different types of grapes we obtain from our vineyards, 4 varieties stand out, which give our wines the character and personality they possess.


The Queen of Diez Siglos

Verdejo is our grape par excellence. Of great quality, it produces very aromatic, full-bodied, glyceric and smooth wines. Good acidity and a characteristic bitter touch.

Sauvignon Blanc

A white grape variety of French origin that produces elegant, dry and acidic wines. It contains aromas of different fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables.


A white wine-making grape variety with a lot of colour and body that produces a slightly acidic wine with a delicate aroma and a straw yellow colour with all green tones.


Thick-skinned grape variety grown to produce full-bodied wines with low acidity and low sugar content. It has a very interesting frank palate in young wines.