We have 380 hectares of vineyards characterised by being an average of 750 metres above sea level in the northern area of the D.O. Rueda.

Climate and soil: the seasons are not well defined and are dominated by long, cold winters with significant temperature fluctuations between day and night. This results in grapes that are perfectly healthy and ripe. Very hot summers. Poor, gravelly soil…


The main work carried out in the vineyards starts with winter pruning, followed by green pruning (removing the vegetative part of the plant to get a smaller number of bunches and achieve higher quality). The ground is oxygenated continuously using agricultural machinery and checks are carried out daily. The work in the field concludes with the highly-anticipated harvest – the collection of the grapes at their optimal point of ripeness.


At Diez Siglos, we take the utmost care over our raw material, because it’s the future of our wines. As part of this special care, we believe it is important to harvest at night. This way, we not only ensure that we prevent possible oxidation of the must, we also ensure the grapes go into the winery at the optimal temperature.

They are transferred from the vineyard to the winery as quickly as possible to keep their characteristic properties intact. That is why the majority of our vineyards are located next to the winery, so as to reduce grape transfer times.


Four varieties stand out from the different types of grapes that come from our vineyards, namely the ones that bring our wines their inherent character and personality.



Verdejo is our quintessential grape. High in quality, it produces very aromatic, glyceric and smooth wines with lots of body. Good acidity, with a characteristic note of bitterness.

Viñedo Diez Siglos de Verdejo


White grape variety from France that produces elegant, dry and acidic wines. It features aromas from different fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Viñedo Diez Siglos de Verdejo


White grape variety that undergoes the winemaking process with lots of colour and body, producing a slightly acidic wine, with a delicate aroma and pale yellow colour with green tones.

Viñedo Diez Siglos de Verdejo


Thick-skinned grape variety for producing wines with body, low acidity and low sugar content. As a young wine, it is very interesting and straightforward on the palate.