Enjoy a great day with us and get into the "Diez Siglos World"


Through wine we can transport ourselves to places where our senses perceive aromas, colours and flavours that evoke different feelings. We can enter into enriching experiences that are sure to be unforgettable. At Diez Siglos we want to accompany you on this wonderful journey by sharing with you our wisdom and our way of understanding wine. We want you to get to know every part of the process and enjoy, as we do, the wonderful experiences that a deeper knowledge of wine brings you.

A unique experience

If you want to spend a great day at Diez Siglos you just have to contact us and enjoy everything we are going to show you in our vineyards and in our winery. The daily work, the way of understanding viticulture, everything that surrounds our day full of curiosities and the best Verdejo wine of the D.O. Rueda.

Dare to enter our world and enjoy a DIEZ visit.

Visit to the vineyards

We will show you the vineyards from which we obtain our raw material, you will learn about the care work and the types of grapes we obtain.

Visit to the winery

You will learn about the process we follow from the moment we receive the grapes until we obtain our most prized wines.

Wine Tasting

Once you know how it is done, it is time to taste our wines in a guided tasting, so that you can recognise every detail.

Relax in the wine cellar

We will finish the visit in our wine cellar where you can relax with one of our wines and buy, if you wish, the one you like the most.

Rueda Wine Route

Diez siglos is a member of the Rueda Wine Route to make our winery and vineyards known to the general public within the framework of the Rueda wines, an initiative that allows to dynamize the Rueda area from the enotouristic point of view.