Momento Diez - Diez Siglos r

The continuous research and the incessant work both in the winery and in the field, has led us to create a different Verdejo and high expression. We hope that soon you can have it in your hands, and later travel with your senses through it and you can experience your Momento Diez.

The 2017 Harvest was reduced in terms of the collection of kilos of grapes but of excellent quality and health. The vineyards that have been selected to produce this incredible singular Verdejo are those of the “La Coma Alta”, “Los Almendros” and “La Moya” estates. Vineyards that provide incredible aromatic characteristics and complexity on the palate. The average age of these is 45 years and the performance was 6000 kg/Ha.

In the visual phase we find intense yellow with aniseed edges, clean and bright. Powerful and complex nose where we find peach, fennel, rosemary and an elegant finish of minerality. On the palate it surprises for its length and intensity that reminds us of the great Verdejos.

Wine indicated for baked and grilled fish. Ideal for Iberian sausages and white meats.



In Diez Siglos de Verdejo we have been taking care of each of our vineyards for years just as our own grandparents. That way we get what for us is the best Verdejo wine in the world (what are we going to say). We put the best of ourselves in each of the bottles that come out of our winery and we find in the satisfaction of those who enjoy our Verdejo wine the main reason to continue with our work and improve every day.