Diez Siglos Sauvignon - Diez Siglos de Verdejo - Vino Blanco

We could say that this wine is an indulgence, created from a single vineyard located at 750 meters altitude which is tended daily. Highly detailed production methods are employed so that today you can enjoy this magnificent variety.

Perfect aromatic expression featuring exotic fruits and fresh cut grass, coming together with a perfect acidity. In the mouth it has a particular freshness, typical of the variety. Persistent and rounded structure. It has been fermented on its lees for 4 months.

Ideal to enjoy with mussels, oysters and prawns. It combines perfectly with rice and fresh fish.



In Diez Siglos de Verdejo we have been taking care of each of our vineyards for years just as our own grandparents. That way we get what for us is the best Verdejo wine in the world (what are we going to say). We put the best of ourselves in each of the bottles that come out of our winery and we find in the satisfaction of those who enjoy our Verdejo wine the main reason to continue with our work and improve every day.